No Phone III - The Conclusion

To end the saga, I now have my 6s.

I must say, limited access to cellphone usage in the past few weeks has really opened my eyes. My priorities have changed slightly and I only stare at my phone about half as often as I used to. 

Ry and I have made a pact to put our phones away an hour and a half before bed, and we really do our best to try not to get lost in them like we sometimes allowed ourselves to. The Internet and our social media channels are an endless hole of distraction and it's nice to put restrictions on yourself and how often you jump into that hole. There's a time for it and more often than that, there's a time to be where you are physically.

That being said, I've downloaded some dope new apps that I LOVE and it's nice to have a phone that allows me to be creative again. I love making videos and weird glitchy photos on my phone and I'm happy to be back in the game. 

Nadya GraceComment