Keepin' Up: never too much

Following up on my post from a few weeks ago, when I had just gotten over an illness that left my life completely on hold for a week, followed by catching up on work that piled up after a summer of due diligence in preparation for an acquisition at my 9-6, I was left feeling overwhelmed and at times, helpless. 

Now here I am, in the midst of my all-time favorite season, Autumn, where the chill gives me energy and the changing colors of the once-green leaves fill me with hope. I had such an awesome weekend. On Friday, I woke up at 6am to get ready for a dance party with my good friend, Jelisha, where we let the happy (and, yes, sober) energy of those who chose to do the same fill our morning with love. That was followed by a team outing at work with my closest co-workers, where we ate delicious food surrounded by the gorgeous architecture and history of Greenwich Village. I came home to a much needed relaxing evening with my fiancĂ©. 

The next morning I cleaned the apartment and made fajitas in preparation for my very first script-reading for my web series, Better Together. It was so exciting seeing it read aloud by some of the cast. It helped me more easily see the holes and understand the possibilities for the shooting schedule, which I will begin planning today. When we were done I helped Jelisha, who is starring in the series with me, make small edits to her new beautiful website for the couples therapy practice she's opening, Let's Unpack. It's been inspiring watching her build a new business on her own and I love watching the details unfold! Later, we had some friends over for games, after devouring the never-disappointing double cheeseburger of one of my favorite neighborhood spots, Moloko

Today, I'm working on pre-production for my web series and soon my fiancĂ© and I will start the process of re-organizing our living room, which has been on our to-do list forever. This weekend has been the perfect mix of relaxing, fun and productive. I think that by surrounding myself with inspiring people and true friends and by setting small and achievable deadlines for my larger goals I've been able to accomplish more wins that keep me encouraged and moving forward. Do some things get less attention than I'd like? Of course. But you can't do everything all at once and as long as I keep moving, I'll be happy.

Nadya Grace