No Phone

My phone broke yesterday. It's a 4 so I was due. In fact, I've been saying since the 6 was released that "I'm waiting for the 6s." So, here I am. A week before it comes out, I'm riding my bike home from work and I went over a tiny bump that sent my phone flying out of my basket to its death.

broken iphone

So, I pre-ordered the 6s. It should be here by Friday. I think this is a perfect excuse to go without a phone for a week - I mean, what a rare opportunity. I'm actually very excited.

I will say, a day in, I'm shocked at the incessant impulse to look at my phone. I find myself going to check for it multiple times an hour. That isn't something I noticed about myself. When it's there to look at, it seems so normal.

I am big enough to admit that I am having instagram withdrawals. I do love that social network and I'm going from literally never missing a post to missing a week's worth. But I will survive. 

I will admit though, that I am weirdly excited. But, like most things I look forward to, this week will be over before I know it. (geez - so pessimistic!)

And then I'll have the 6s. So, that will keep me busy. I'll let you know how it goes.

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